Delphine Gervais, LCSW-QS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – Qualified Supervisor (Florida, New Jersey, Georgia)

Specializing in Imposter  Syndrome, Minority Women and Immigrant Mental Health, Anxiety & Depression, Corporate Wellness, Clinical Supervision

Delphine believes that “BREAKTHROUGH” begins with self and continues with the guidance and support of others. As an EMDR-trained therapist, she approaches her work with individuals and organizations using a trauma-focused, trauma-informed lens. Her nearly twenty years of experience include early childhood, adult and adolescent mental health counseling, elderly community-based intervention services, employment referrals services, non-profit program coordination and management, faith-based intervention/prevention services, adjunct faculty teaching, secondary education, with emphasis on at-risk groups and minority populations.

Delphine also serves as a consultant to community agencies and businesses. As a corporate trainer, she specializes in presenting on imposter syndrome, mindfulness in the workplace, and emotional intelligence, among other topics. Her lifelong quote is stolen from “The Bard” (aka Shakespeare) which says, “Love all, trust few, and do wrong to none.” Delphine speaks Haitian-Creole as a second language.